• The Kuala Lumpur Tin Market (KLTM) was incorporated on June 28, 1984 as a company limited by guarantee pursuant to the Malaysian Companies Act, 1965. It opened for trading on October 1, 1986 replacing the 75-year-old Penang Physical Market. The KLTM is a physical tin market where buyers and sellers transact business directly.

    It originally adopted the open outcry system where buyers and sellers meet to transact business on the floor by open competitive trading, similar to the “Gold Fixing” system.

    However, since 17 September 2001, the KLTM has migrated to an on-line electronic trading to replace the open outcry trading system. The market starts daily at 10:30am, Malaysian time, where bids and offers are matched and balanced to arrive at an equilibrium price, electronically. Only trading members of the KLTM can trade on the exchange. 


  • The Objects for which the Company is established are;

    a) To establish administer and provide facilities for a Market (hereinafter called “The Market”) for the determination each business day of a price for newly refined Tin of Malaysian and other acceptable origin. Such price to be arrived at in accordance with the procedures set out in the Rules of the Market from bargains made therein in the course of the purchase and sale for prompt delivery of Tin as aforesaid.

    b) To frame and to enforce such Rules, By-laws, Regulations and Contract Conditions as may be necessary to achieve any of the Objects herein.

    c) To regulate dealings in the Market so as to ensure that a fair and representative price is seen to be established each business day and that all bargains made in course of dealings in the Market are honoured by the parties thereto, or failing which that adequate monetary compensation is forthcoming from any defaulter out of guarantees entered into as a condition precedent to trading in the Market.

    d) To acquire by purchase leasing or otherwise any interest in real estate or property whether moveable or inmoveable and in any land or any communication and other ancillary facilities necessary for the pursuance of any of these objects provided that the Company shall not acquire any land without the licence from the Minister charged with the responsibility for companies.

    e) To employ, retain or otherwise secure the services of any person or persons, firm or company in the pursuance of these Objects and to remunerate the same out of the assets of the Company in such manner and to such amount as the Company deems fit.

    f) To provide and to administer a service for the determination of any dispute arising from the formation of, or compliance with, any contact made in accordance with the Regulations of the Market by process of Arbitration, Conciliation or Mediation. In pursuance whereof to set up and to maintain Panel of Arbitrators and Mediators.

    g) To borrow or raise money upon such terms or on such security as the Company may consider expedient and in particular by the issue of deposit notes, debentures or debenture stock (whether perpetual or not) and by the mortgage or charge of all or any of the Company’s property and to secure the repayment or any money borrowed, raised or owing by way of mortgage or charge upon the whole or a part of the property, undertaking or assets of the Company both present and future.

    h) To invest monies of the Company surplus to immediate requirements in or upon such investments, securities or property in Malaysia as may be thought fit subject to such conditions and such required by the law of Malaysia.

    i) To pay all costs, charges and expenses incurred or sustained in or about the promotion and establishment of the Company, or which the Company shall deem to be in the nature of preliminary expenses and to remunerate in such manner as the Company shall see fit any person, firm or company rendering services to the Company in or about its formation or promotion.

    j) To sell, exchange, lease, dispose of, turn to account or otherwise deal with the whole or any part of the undertaking of the Company for such consideration as the Company may agree.

    k) To draw, make, accept, endorse, discount, negotiate, execute and issue promissory notes, bills of exchange, bills of lading, scrip warrants and other transferable or negotiable instruments.

    l) To publish or cause to published from time to time in any language such statistics and other information as may be considered relevant concerning the Market and to publish each business day the price for Tin arrived at by way of dealings in the Market on that day.

    m) To maintain liaison with the various Authorities in Malaysia and to enter into arrangements with the Governments, State Governments or any authority supreme, municipal, local or otherwise and to obtain from such Governments or Authorities any rights, concessions or privileges as may seem germane to all or any of these Objects.

    n) To establish and to maintain contact with such overseas government, international and professional bodies, markets and exchanges, press and other information services as are of relevance to the Market.

    o) To oppose any proceedings or applications in whatever form as may appear calculated directly or indirectly to prejudice the Objects or the interests of the Company.

    p) To transact any lawful business in aid of Malaysia in the prosecution of any war or hostilities in which Malaysia is engaged.

    q) To subscribe to and to grant donations for patriotic and charitable purposes.

    r) To all such lawful things as the company may consider conducive or incidental to the pursuance of these Objects or any of them.

    s) To assist foreign governments, international and professional bodies, exchanges and such other entities, organisations and bodies involved in the mining industry in the establishment of markets outside of Malaysia, to invest in such or similar markets, and to provide such or similar markets with such regulatory, administrative, dispute resolution and other related services on such terms as may be agreed upon.

    Provided always the Company shall not support with its funds any political organisation or any activities or endeavour to impose on or procure to be observed by its members or others any regulations, restrictions or conditions which if made an object of the Company would make it a trade union within the meaning of the Trade Union Act AND further provided that the provisions of the Third Schedule of the Act shall not apply to the Company and the provisions contained in Clause 3 of the Memorandum shall be read and construed without reference to the provisions of that Schedule.   

    The detailed objectives, functions, activities and dealings of the KLTM are spelt out in the following documents:

    1. Memorandum and Articles of Association of the KLTM
    2. Rules of the KLTM
    3. The KLTM Manual of Trading Procedures
    4. KLTM Rules and Regulation on Electronic Trading
    5. KLTM Electronic Trading User Manual


    Membership of the KLTM is open to corporate bodies and firms, which are incorporated in Malaysia in accordance with the provisions of the Companies Act 1965, with a minimum paid-up capital of RM250,000.00. Any corporate body or firm, which by some reason of its domicile does not meet the requirements for membership, may be admitted at the discretion of the Board. There are two categories of membership namely, Ordinary and Associate Members.

    • Ordinary Members
    Comprise Trading and Non-trading Members. Trading Members can trade directly on the KLTM but required to deposit a RM1.0 million bank guarantee. Non-trading Members can only trade through Trading Members.

    • Associate Members

    Cannot trade on the KLTM but can do so through Trading Members

    Presently, there are ten Ordinary members and one Associate member on the KLTM, namely:

    Ordinary Members

     1.  Malaysia Smelting Corporation Bhd (Trading member)
     2.  Toyota Tsusho (M) Sdn Bhd (Trading member)
     3.  RMT Metals Sdn Bhd (Non Trading member)
     4.  Bhatt Enterprise Sdn Bhd (Trading member)
     5.  P.T Timah TBK (Trading member)
     6.  A&M Group Limited (Trading member)
     7.  Rahman Hydraulic Tin Sdn Bhd (Non Trading member)
     8.  Yuntinic Resources Inc (Trading member).
     9.  Posco Daewoo Malaysia Sdn Bhd (Trading member) 
    10. East Rise Corporation Limited (Trading member)
    Associate Member

    1. Hedd Industries (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd (Non Trading member)


    Ordinary Membership Fees
    Each member pays RM5,000 as entrance fee, and an annual subscription fee of RM5,000.

    Associated Membership Fees
    Each member pays RM2,000 as entrance fee, and an annual subscription fee of RM1,000.


    Dato' Seri Dr. Mohd. Ajib Hj. Anuar 
    Magic Mirror Consulting Sdn Bhd 
    Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

    Dato' Abdul Malik Kadir 

    RMT Metals Sdn Bhd 
    Penang, Malaysia

    Dato' Sri Azizan bin Ahmad 
    Ministry of Natural Resources & Environment, 
    Putrajaya, Malaysia

    Mr. Chong Kah Yin 
    Toyota Tsusho (M) Sdn Bhd 
    Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

    Dato' Dr. Patrick Yong Mian Thong 
    Malaysia Smelting Corporation Berhad
    Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

    Pak Agung Nugroho Soeratno 
    P.T Timah (Persero) TBK 
    Jakarta Indonesia


    Tn. Hj. Muhammad Nor Muhammad


Malaysia Smelting Corporation Berhad (Trading member)


The MSC Group is currently one of the world’s leading integrated producers of tin metal and tin based products and a global leader in custom tin smelting since 1887. In 2013, the Group produced 32,700 tonnes of tin metal maintaining its position as the second largest supplier of refined tin metal in the world. MSC is listed both on the Main Market of Bursa Malaysia since 15 December 1994 and the Main Board of Singapore Exchange (SGX-ST) since 27 January 2011, and is a subsidiary of SGX listed The Straits Trading Company Limited of Singapore.

With the Group’s core expertise and solid foundation of over a century of smelting excellence to its credit, the Group’s smelting facility in Butterworth operates one of the most cost efficient smelting plants in the world converting primary, secondary, and often complex tin bearing ores into high purity tin metal for industrial application. The plant has a current smelting capacity of approximately 35,000 tonnes of contained tin-in-concentrates a year and uses reverberatory furnace technology which is ideally suited for custom smelting. The smelting and refining operation has undergone significant technological, flow sheet and process changes and now has the capability of treating a wider variety of tin bearing materials as well as production of various high tin metal grades.

27, Jalan Pantai 12000 
Butterworth Malaysia 
Tel: 604-333 3500
Fax: 604-331 7405 
E-mail:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Lot 6, 8 and 9, Jalan Perigi Nanas 6/1
Pulau Indah Industrial Park
West Port, Port Klang
42920 Pulau Indah
Tel: 603 31023083
Fax: 603 31023080
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Toyota Tsusho (M) Sdn Bhd (Trading member)


Toyota Tsusho (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd is a subsidiary company of Toyota Tsusho Corporation, Japan (TTC). It was established in 1970 as a joint-venture between TTC and local Malaysian partners.

The Company engages in import, export and domestic businesses involving a diverse range of products such as automotive, plastic, chemical, machinery, metals and also in investment holdings

TTC, was incorporated in 1948. It is a well established international trading company with head offices in Nagoya and Tokyo and operates through more than 936 companies in Japan and overseas with the latter scattered in approximately 74 countries worldwide. In Japan, TTC is listed on the Tokyo and Nagoya Stock Exchanges.

Room 1404, Wisma Lim Foo Yoong 
No.86, Jalan Raja Chulan
50200 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia 

Tel: 603-2142 3366
Fax: 603-21425809  

E-mail:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

RMT Metals Sdn Bhd (Non-Trading member)

Bhatt Enterprise Sdn Bhd (Trading member)

Bhatt Enterprise Sdn. Bhd. is a third generation family business entity incorporated in Malaysia, presently dealing only in LME Registered MSC Brand Refined Tin Ingots, with Minimum Purity 99.85%.

The late Mr. H.H. Bhatt Senior commenced tin trading in 1960, which was continued by his now septuagenarian sons who oversee the business as advisers to the third generation Directors of the Company

Bhatt Enterprise Sdn Bhd

17-1-14, Bayan Point
Medan Kampung Relau,
11900 Penang Malaysia 
Tel: 604-646 4050 
Fax: 604-645 6070 
E-mail:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

P.T Timah TBK (Trading member)


PT.TIMAH is a Limited Liability Company and was established on August 2nd, 1976. It is a State-Owned Enterprise engaged in tin mining and has been listed on Indonesia Stock Exchange since 1995.

The company’s scope of activity includes mining, industry, trading, transportation and services. The company’s main activity is as the holding company that performs tin mining operations and marketing services to their business groups. The company has several subsidiaries engaged in the workshop and shipbuilding, engineering services, tin mining, tin consulting and tin research services, as well as non-tin mining.

The company is in Pangkalpinang, Bangka Belitung province. Its operational areas are in Bangka Belitung Province, Riau Province, South Kalimantan, Southwest Sulawesi and Cilegon, Banten.

Jalan Jenderal Sudirman No. 51
Pangkalpinang, 33121 Bangka 

Tel: 62 71 7431335
Fax: 62 71 7432323
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Website :

A&M Group Limited (Trading member)


A&M Minerals and Metals Ltd was incorporated in 1990 by founders who were formerly employed within the Lewis & Peat group of companies. Its main activities were established in the sourcing and supply of the more specialised minerals, intermediates and metals with an emphasis on electronic properties, high temperature (refractory) characteristics and other attributes associated with specific applications.

Interests have since progressively broadened to encompass a wide range of metallurgical and chemical raw materials, by-products, non-ferrous scraps, residues and wastes for downstream use, reclamation and recycling.

A&M is an Associate Trade Member of The London Metal Exchange and, as such, conforms to their strict financial regulations, and abides by the highest commercial ethics. A&M is also Members of :

- International Tungsten Industry Association.
- Tantalum-Niobium International Study Centre.

A&M trades a wide range of metallurgical raw materials. A&M source minerals world wide - toll convert concentrates and ship non-ferrous scrap and residues from one continent to another. The group also now encompasses a secondary iodide reprocessor, Thornton Processing Limited.

A&M Group Limited
Apex Yard,

29-35 Long Lane,
London, SE1 4PL
Tel: +44 (0)20 7940 0430
Fax: +44 (0)20 7403 3166
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Rahman Hydraulic Tin Sdn. Bhd. (Non-Trading member)

RHT Logo
Rahman Hydraulic Tin Sdn. Bhd. (RHT) was acquired by Malaysia Smelting Corporation Berhad (MSC) in November 2004. The Company operates in an open-pit eluvial tin mine. Extensive exploration works and improvements of milling/concentrator circuit and recovery operations have been undertaken since the takeover and today the Company is a sustainable and significant tin producer in Malaysia.

Rahman Hydraulic Tin Sdn. Bhd,
Lot 6, 8 and 9, Jalan Perigi Nanas 6/1
Pulau Indah Industrial Park
West Port, Port Klang
42920 Pulau Indah
Tel: 603 31023083
Fax: 603 31023080
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Yuntinic Resources, Inc. (Trading member)

Yuntinic logo
Founded in 1994, Yuntinic Resources, Inc is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Yunnan Tin Co. Ltd. The company offers high quality Tin Metals and Tin Chemical products in Asia, Europe, and North America. Their products include ASTM Standard Grade A tin, low lead and ultra high purity tin, four nine tin (Sn99.99%), and five nine tin (Sn99.999%), as well as Organotin (Methyl tin Stabilizer) and other Inorganic tin Chemicals. 

Yunnan Tin Co., Ltd., is the company's parent company. It is the largest tin producer in the world, headquartered in Kunming, China. With over 130 years of experience, all its products are made and processed under strict quality control systems and use world-class technologies. Yunnan Tin’s management team is committed to deliver innovative, environmentally friendly and high quality products to the market place. Yunnan Tin is an ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified company. Over several decades, the “YT” brand has won many national and international awards and is well known in domestic and international markets. The “YT” brand is also listed on the London Metal Exchange.

Yuntinic Resources Inc.
2050 Pioneer Court, Suite 220,

San Mateo, California 94403,
United States of America. 
Tel: 650-312-9282 
Fax: 650-312-9286 
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Hedd Industries (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd (Non-Trading member)

Hedd Industries (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd was incorporated in July 2001. The company provides project management consultation to Rahman Hydraulic Tin Sdn Bhd. The company also specialises in planning, identifying, exploring, preserving, developing and upgrading assets. It also provides management services related to administration business, commerce and industry.

Hedd Industries (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd
No. 7, Lebuh Lasam,
30450 Ipoh,
Perak Darul Ridzuan
Tel: +605 - 254 3388
Fax: +605 - 243 8833
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Posco Daewoo Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.

East Rise Corporation Limited


Trading, Market Price and Price Limit


The KLTM trading session starts at 10.30 am local time daily, from Monday to Friday. No trading is conducted on designated market holidays. Proceedings in the market are under the control of the Call Chairman appointed by the Board. At the opening of the market, the Call Chairman commences proceedings by keying-in the first trying price for the day on the computer screen. He will ask for the tonnages of bids and offers from the trading members. The members will then key-in their bids and offers into the system. If the bids totaled up to within 5 tonnes of the tonnages offered, the trying price will be declared as the official tin price for the day, and the session deemed completed. If not, the process will be repeated at different trying prices until such an equilibrium is reached.


The market price on the KLTM is quoted in US Dollar per tonne.


The minimum permissible difference between successive trying price is one (1) US Dollar per tonne.

Contract Grade and Contract Unit


A Contract on the KLTM is for refined tin metal of ASTM Grade B339.93 and BS-EN610:1996 Specification, with a minimum tin content of 99.85% Sn of any of the following brands which are currently approved by the Board of the KLTM:

  • MSC
  • Banka
  • Mentok
  • Thaisarco
  • JH
  • PGMA
  • YS
  • YT
  • IMLI
  • MSP

The Board of KLTM may, from time to time, amend the list of approved brands.


Traded tin metal on the KLTM is in one (1) tonne or multiples thereof.

Payment Currency and Appropriation


The price set out in the KLTM contract note is in US Dollar. However, parties to such contract may make bilateral arrangement in respect of the currency to be used for payment, but will not form part of the contract note.


All trading in respect to sales and purchases of eligible tin metal by means of warrants must be delivered promptly. This means delivery must be within four (4) business days of the contract. Tin metal for deliveries by registered smelters are appropriated at the seller’s option within 45 days from the date of the contract. The sale of tin metal must be of approved brands or in the form of KLTM warehouse warrants approved by the Board, from time to time.

Delivery, Location and Market Levy


The KLTM is a physical market whereby delivery is in the form of physical tin metal if delivered by a registered smelter through a KLTM approved warehouse, or in the form of a warehouse warrant if delivered by any other members.


Location for delivery is at the option of the seller at a KLTM approved warehouse in Penang or Singapore or such other places as determined by the Board of the KLTM, from time to time.


All transactions on the KLTM are subjected to a market levy as fixed by the Board, from time to time. Such levy is payable by both buyers and sellers. The current levy structure is:

 KLTM Price Range Per Tonne  Market Levy Per Tonne
 From US$5,000 and below  US$2.00
 From US$5,001 to US$7,000  US$3.00
 From US$7,001 to US$9,000  US$4.00
From US$9,001 and above US$5.00


Ingot Shape, Weight and Trade Marks

Individual ingot weight is between 25kg – 50kg, and ingots must conform to dimensions and trade marks set-out in drawings lodged by registered smelters with the KLTM prior to the tin metal being traded on the KLTM. Where the tin skids used for making up bundles differ from the standard ingot, separate drawings for them are also registered with the KLTM

KLTM Warehouse

The currently approved KLTM warehouses are:

                                            • Malaysia Smelting Corporation Sdn. Bhd. (Warehousing)
    • 27 Jln Pantai 12000 Butterworth,
    • Penang, Malaysia
    • Phone : 604-333 3500
    • Fax     : 604-331 7405 / 332 6499
    • Email  : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
    • C. Steinweg Warehousing (FE) Pte. Ltd.
    • 28 Jurong Port Road 
    • 619113 Singapore
    • Singapore 
    • Phone : +65-62670919
    • Fax     : +65-62660941
    • Email  : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



About Tin

  • Tin is a silvery white metal with a specific gravity of 7.29 and a melting point of 232° C. It has a brilliant lustre and when polished, it has a high light reflectivity. The metal is highly resistant to corrosion and fatigue, and alloys well with many other metals particularly with copper (bronze) and lead (solder). Chemically, the most outstanding property of tin is its ability to resist attack by air and by many of the organic acids, including those found in food of various kinds.

    In brief, tin’s outstanding physical and chemical properties include corrosion resistance, non-toxicity, lubricity, malleability, alloyability with many metals, a low melting point, ductility, low coefficient of friction, solderbility, low vapour pressure, adaptability to compounding and processing, wetting and adhering potential and electrodeposition compatibility.

  • Traditional industrial uses of tin include tinplate, tin alloy coatings, tin alloys, solder, pewter and chemical compounds. While tinplate has remained as the ideal packaging material for food, the advent of the electronic age has spurred increase tin usage in solder products. With the change to lead free solder, this industrial use will become the single largest sector of tin consumption.

    In recent times, R&D has also created myriad uses of tin with focus on its environmentally friendly and non-toxic properties. In materials technology, tin is in various stages of replacing lead in tin shots, fishing and curtain weights, wine capsules, wheel weights and bullets. In coatings technology, environmentally friendly electroplating systems for tin and its alloys to provide superior corrosion protection and decorative finishes have been developed. In chemicals technology, tin based flame retardant synergists to replace antimony and bromine compounds are gaining worldwide acceptance.

Market Trend

  • Daily Price Movement


    1 21,550 84,745 3.9325 31
    2 21,550 84,454 3.9190 33
    5 21,550 84,067 3.9010 25
    6 21,520 84,079 3.9070 17
    7 21,400 83,546 3.9040 45
    8 21,350 83,453 3.9088 50
    9 21,350 83,683 3.9196 65
    12 21,330 83,417 3.9108 44
    13 21,350 83,400 3.9063 32
    14 21,220 82,631 3.8940 34
    15 21,170 82,974 3.9194 21
    16 21,050 82,655 3.9266 28
    19 21,050 82,468 3.9177 19

    * : The exchange rates are from MSC's Daily Bank Rates



    MARCH 2018

    1 21,550 3.9325 84,745 31 21,670 21,525 22,377 146,490 23,041 0.157287
    2 21,550 3.9190 84,454 33 21,710 21,600 22,311 146,490 23,078 0.157540
    5 21,550 3.9010 84,067 25 21,670 21,530 22,311 146,490 23,069 0.157478
    6 21,520 3.9070 84,079 17 21,595 21,455 22,156 146,490 23,209 0.158434
    7 21,400 3.9040 83,546 45 21,495 21,340 22,112 146,490 23,158 0.158086
    8 21,350 3.9088 83,453 50 21,650 21,550 22,267 146,490 23,099 0.157683
    9 21,350 3.9196 83,683 65 21,375 21,260 22,156 146,490 23,128 0.157881
    12 21,330 3.9108 83,417 44 21,500 21,360 22,112 146,490 23,143 0.157983
    13 21,350 3.9063 83,400 32 21,500 21,400 21,936 146,490 23,172 0.158181
    14 21,220 3.8940 82,631 34 21,200 21,125 21,848 146,490 23,189 0.158297
    15 21,170 3.9194 82,974 21 20,900 20,775 21,716 146,490 23,172 0.158181
    16 21,050 3.9266 82,655 28 21,050 20,910 N.Y.A 147,300 23,261 0.157916
    19 21,050 3.9177 82,468 19 N.Y.A N.Y.A N.Y.A N.Y.A N.Y.A N.Y.A
    * : The exchange rates are from MSC's Daily Bank Rates 
    ** : The exchange rates are from the website 
    N.A : Not Available
    N.Y.A : Not Yet Available
    NY Spot Tin & Shanghai prices were sourced from Metal Bulletin website

    FEBRUARY 2018

    1 CLOSED 21,950 21,730 22,267 142,620 22,640 0.158744
    2 21,450 3.8900 83,441 53 21,770 21,560 22,399 142,620 22,630 0.158680
    5 21,500 3.9025 83,904 57 21,750 21,630 22,178 142,620 22,668 0.158940
    6 21,580 3.9185 84,561 63 21,825 21,675 22,531 142,620 22,688 0.159080
    7 21,780 3.9088 85,134 80 22,075 21,850 22,377 142,620 22,725 0.159340
    8 21,680 3.9283 85,166 43 21,550 21,375 22,046 142,620 22,542 0.158056
    9 21,500 3.9408 84,727 31 21,180 21,150 21,848 142,620 22,636 0.158715
    12 21,150 3.9327 83,177 32 21,300 21,150 21,848  149,690 23,657 0.158040
    13 21,200 3.9366 83,456 36 21,600 21,500 22,267  149,690 23,600 0.157659
    14 21,630 3.9367 85,151 32 21,725 21,650 22,289  149,690 23,588 0.157579
    15 21,630 3.8953 84,255 28 21,700 21,525 22,311  CLOSED
    16 CLOSED 21,900 21,675 22,509  CLOSED
    19 21,800 3.8910 84,824 42 21,830 21,655 22,311 N.A
    20 21,530 3.8983 83,930 20  21,500 21,375  22,178 N.A
    21 21,370 3.9121 83,602 30 21,680 21,550 22,399 N.A
    22 21,530 3.9175 84,344 24 21,650 21,505 22,333 149,690 23,572 0.157472
    23 21,450 3.9067 83,799 50 21,650 21,535 22,377 146,490 23,113 0.157779
    26 21,600 3.9124 84,508 39 21,710 21,585 22,311 146,490 23,202 0.158386
    27 21,600 3.9112 84,482 49 21,750 21,650 22,465 146,490 23,187 0.158284
    28 21,700 3.9288 85,255 47 21,775 21,645 22,377 146,490 23,143 0.157983
    18 20 20 15
    21,558 3.9149 84,375 42 21,694 21,549 22,281 145,537 23,039 0.158316
    21,150 20 21,180 21,150 21,848 142,620 22,542  
    21,800 80 22,075 21,850 22,531 149,690 23,657  
    * : The exchange rates are from MSC's Daily Bank Rates 
    ** : The exchange rates are from the website 
    KLTM's monthly average price is arrived at on a weighted average against total tonnage basis. 
    Shanghai's monthly average price is derived from normal average. 
    NY Spot Tin & Shanghai prices were sourced from Metal Bulletin website

    JANUARY 2018

    2 20,000 4.0370 80,740 18 20,160 20,075 N.A 143,410 22,087 0.154013
    3 19,850 4.0290 79,976 36 20,050 19,950 20,613 142,730 21,949 0.153780
    4 19,810 4.0250 79,735 44 20,075 19,925 20,657 143,200 22,053 0.154001
    5 19,890 3.9967 79,494 38 20,020 19,930 20,635 143,140 22,060 0.154115
    8 19,890 3.9932 79,425 35 19,960 19,950 20,679 142,450 21,923 0.153900
    9 19,890 4.0003 79,566 55 20,075 20,005 20,613 142,800 21,866 0.153123
    10 19,900 4.0132 79,863 45 20,035 20,050 20,723  143,490 22,047 0.153648
    11 20,000 3.9908 79,816 38 20,245 20,150 20,834  143,600 22,087 0.153809
    12 20,110 3.9757 79,951 59 20,275 20,275 20,922  143,410 22,180 0.154661
    15 20,200 3.9640 80,073 68 20,450 20,325 21,054  143,300  22,263 0.155359
    16 20,250 3.9560 80,109 60 20,355 20,330 21,120  142,890  22,178 0.155210
    17 20,370 3.9525 80,512 64 20,525 20,430 21,164 143,330 22,276 0.155418
    18 20,370 3.9635 80,736 40  20,575 20,550  21,120 142,620 22,214 0.155757
    19 21,370 3.9380 80,217 50 20,685 20,575 21,253 142,620 22,279 0.156212
    22 20,480 3.9448 80,790 55 20,770 20,660 21,495 142,620 22,267 0.156128
    23 20,650 3.9285 81,124 38 20,830 20,750, 21,473 142,620 22,261 0.156086
    24 20,740 3.9165 81,228 49 21,145 20,925
    21,848 142,620 22,402
    25 20,930 3.9031 81,692 57 21,345  21,100  22,156  142,620  22,567  0.158232 
    26 21,230 3.8792 82,355 40 22,005  21,760  22,531  142,620  22,545  0.158077 
    29 21,780 3.8730 84,354 44 22,105  21,910  22,818  142,620  22,504  0.157790 
    30 21,900 3.8978 85,362 40 22,050  21,875  22,641  142,620  22,550  0.158112 
    31 CLOSED 21,900  21,750  22,509  142,620  22,677  0.159003 
    21      22  21  22  
    20,415   3.9596 80,770  46  20,711   20,602 21,374  142,907 22,238  0.155614 
    19,810   18  19,960 19,925  20,613  142,450   21,866  
    21,900    68 22,105   21,910 22,818  143,600  22,677   
    * : The exchange rates are from MSC's Daily Bank Rates
    ** : The exchange rates are from the website
    KLTM's monthly average price is arrived at on a weighted average against total tonnage basis.
    Shanghai's monthly average price is derived from normal average.
    NY Spot Tin & Shanghai prices were sourced from Metal Bulletin website



Ministry of Natural Resources & Environment Malaysia

Department of Minerals & Geoscience Malaysia

Malaysian Chamber of Mines

Malaysian Tin Product Manufacturers' Association


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