The KLTM trading session starts at 10.30 am local time daily, from Monday to Friday. No trading is conducted on designated market holidays. Proceedings in the market are under the control of the Call Chairman appointed by the Board. At the opening of the market, the Call Chairman commences proceedings by keying-in the first trying price for the day on the computer screen. He will ask for the tonnages of bids and offers from the trading members. The members will then key-in their bids and offers into the system. If the bids totaled up to within 5 tonnes of the tonnages offered, the trying price will be declared as the official tin price for the day, and the session deemed completed. If not, the process will be repeated at different trying prices until such an equilibrium is reached.





The market price on the KLTM is quoted in US Dollar per tonne.





The minimum permissible difference between successive trying price is one (1) US Dollar per tonne.





A Contract on the KLTM is for refined tin metal of ASTM Grade B339.93 and BS-EN610:1996 Specification, with a minimum tin content of 99.85% Sn of any of the following brands which are currently approved by the Board of the KLTM:  

  •  MSC

  •  Banka

  •  Mentok

  •  Thaisarco

  •  JH

  •  PGMA

  •  YS

  •  YT


  •  IMLI


  •  MSP

The Board of KLTM may, from time to time, amend the list of approved brands.





Traded tin metal on the KLTM is in one (1) tonne or multiples thereof.





The price set out in the KLTM contract note is in US Dollar. However, parties to such contract may make bilateral arrangement in respect of the currency to be used for payment, but will not form part of the contract note.





All trading in respect to sales and purchases of eligible tin metal by means of warrants must be delivered promptly. This means delivery must be within four (4) business days of the contract. Tin metal for deliveries by registered smelters are appropriated at the seller’s option within 45 days from the date of the contract. The sale of tin metal must be of approved brands or in the form of KLTM warehouse warrants approved by the Board, from time to time.





The KLTM is a physical market whereby delivery is in the form of physical tin metal if delivered by a registered smelter through a KLTM approved warehouse, or in the form of a warehouse warrant if delivered by any other members.





Location for delivery is at the option of the seller at a KLTM approved warehouse in Penang or Singapore or such other places as determined by the Board of the KLTM, from time to time.





All transactions on the KLTM are subjected to a market levy as fixed by the Board, from time to time. Such levy is payable by both buyers and sellers. The current levy structure is:


KLTM Price Range Per Tonne Market Levy Per Tonne
From US$5,000 and below US$2.00
     From US$5,001 to US$7,000   US$3.00
     From US$7,001 to US$9,000   US$4.00
              From US$9,001 and above               US$5.00





Individual ingot weight is between 25kg - 50kg, and ingots must conform to dimensions and trade marks set-out in drawings lodged by registered smelters with the KLTM prior to the tin metal being traded on the KLTM. Where the tin skids used for making up bundles differ from the standard ingot, separate drawings for them are also registered with the KLTM





The currently approved KLTM warehouses are:

Malaysia Smelting Corporation Sdn. Bhd. (Warehousing)


27 Jln Pantai 12000 Butterworth,

Penang, Malaysia

Phone : 604-333 3500

Fax     : 604-331 7405 / 332 6499

Email  :


C. Steinweg Warehousing (FE) Pte. Ltd.

28 Jurong Port Road

619113 Singapore


Phone : +65-62670919

Fax     : +65-62660941

Email  :